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Originally Posted by verbs
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Just got back from the Team USA event. Drove a red 335. I own a 2012 e93 (N55) m sport.
I still cant believe this new sedan feels faster and lighter than my coupe. Im kinda pissed! Same engine, so is the new 8 speed transmission that much of a difference. Im probably really going to buy a tune for my engine now!
Yes, closer spaced gearing + faster shifting with the sport auto tranny, and the new F30 might be a shade lighter as well. When you say e93, I'm assuming you mean e92 for the coupe.
Faster shifting? You mean $500 for paddle shifters. Does anyone really believe it will have better performance? If so I have a gear shift knob to sell you that is more aerodynamic and will shave off 0.1 seconds from your 0-60 time.