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Originally Posted by emtrey View Post
I think the new trans does make a big difference. I have test driven 3 F30 335s and its power delivery is seamless and its feels pretty quick.

I got a chance to test drive a 135i w/ DCT ( before I decided to go w/ the F30 335 which is sitting waiting for a boat) and I found the 8 AT in the 335 as close as you could get to that DCT 135 car which blew me away as compared to my 135 w/ the 6 spd steptronic.

Now--a 335 w/ 8 sp AT and a BMW power kit.....could get interesting.
I think the powerkit is overpriced for 20hp..... and if it's anything like the Hartge kit where it only works at 70%+ throttle, then I'm off board.

Most of the tunes on the market are offering almost triple the gains that BMW powerkit is offering.