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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
So, you're critical of Obama because he's media friendly and a large portion of Americans are enthusiastic about him? I'll take that criticism any day. But, unless you can tie his appearances with neglect, stop your whining already.

What information do you have that shows otherwise? Please provide.
It's not just his enemies who are suggesting he is not jumping into the demanding role of POTUS as much as he needs to (which of course you would expect), it folks on his own team:

"Some of the president's frustrated allies have complained that a seeming reluctance to build relationships with more members of Congress and Washington insiders has made it difficult for him to get business done."

"the current president "is not going to become this great transactional politician," like Clinton.
"Bill Clinton was imbalanced. He would spend the hours between 6:00 and 9:00 (p.m.) talking to people in Congress," Maraniss said. "Whereas President Obama is basically with his family during those hours, which is sort of a balanced thing to do but not necessarily good for a president."

Guess what, the weight of 300 million people means the job will be imbalanced. If you wanna be dad of the year, great, but that means that POTUS is not the role for you.