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Originally Posted by BimmerHJ View Post
What I couldn't agree with your points is that you just keep saying that everything is "minor".... Well, they may really be "minor".

I DO understand that you had many "major" issues with your past cars, but...

Try to think the other way. For example, you never had any "minor" issues with your previous cars (no matter what the maker was), and you bought a brand new F30 expecting top quality because BMW means top quality (well, compare to crappy asian cars), and top class service too, then all of sudden you find that your less than 1 month old car has this issue, that issue, and another issue (they could be real minor issues, though), do you think they all seem to be "minor" issues to you who never had such issues in the previous cars?

I, personally, never had such "minor" issues in my 25 years of car experience, and I can guess that most users in this forum including OP are in similar situation as mine.

So, please stop saying everything is all "minor"!

It could be "minor" to you, because you had such horrible "major" experiences,

but most whining or "first world problem" users in this forum are not considering them as "minor" because all the issues are REALLY "first" ever issues to them. That includes myself, too!

Please have a deep breath, and try to think from the other side, not from your own side.

I agree, though, with your suggested approach strategy to dealers or BMW when there is an issue or concern to express.

Absolutely, an issue is an issue. But reserve calling in reinforcements for "more serious" issues lest you wear out your welcome. I guess everyone looks at things differently. I've had plenty of cars with "minor" issues myself. Hell, in many cases I've actually fixed them myself even though they were under warranty. That's just how I do things. I've also had plenty of cars with zero issues through hundreds of thousands of miles. I'm not taking issue with the severity of the problems. I'm just pointing out that you've got to keep everything in perspective.

And in all honesty, a cursory review of reliability reports by various outlets will point out that BMW (or any European premium for that matter) are rarely at the top of the list for quality and reliability. The top spots have been held by Asian manufacturers for years. Ironically, the things that keep the Euros out of contention are reports of defects such as these. Add to that these brands offer bleeding-edge technology that takes time to gain acceptance and, in some cases, reliability. The more mainstream manufacturers keep things plain vanilla, so there's little risk.

All in all, is it really reasonable to write off an entire BRAND because of a handful of problems on a single car and experiences with a single dealer? I would opine it is not.