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Originally Posted by David William View Post
I drive a 2001 BMW 530i: I was on the highway when my AC, Radio, and turning signal suddenly started to work intermittently and eventually stopped working alltogether few minutes later. I also noticed later that the passenger side mirror does not turn anymore whenever the car is in reverse. The turn signals work outside the car but not on the cluster display. The AC was blowing hot air even though the cool signal light was on. Checked the fuse and they all appear to be intact.

Please advise.
wrong place to post?

Originally Posted by pochetemix View Post
I'm not missing my e46 (320i 2.2 L6), just because I still have one, my first car! More than 371.000km (230.520 miles) since 2002 and it's like the first day
that's a lot of km haha

My e46 brings back lots of memories, I see it sometimes from time to time with its new owner, sometimes i dont give a f*ck and sometimes I feel heartbroken coz I miss it, kinda weird
Anyways it was an 00' Tiag 323ci modded to oblivion lol


Too much mods to list..