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First hand experience

I drove both of these cars back to back to back to back today, (Audi dealer let us take car for the day), drove it to bmw to test 335xi & i

Anyway, I have had multiple bmw's in the past, my parents have had multiple audi's, so have driven both brands a ton.

I tried to like the Audi but just couldn't justify it over the 335 for multiple reasons.

1. Audi interior, electronics, etc. are far superior to that of the F30 (only thing that I prefer in audi interior are the sport seats with alacantara / two-tone leather.)

2. I know statistically the S4 if faster then the 335 but when driving back to back (both in the most agressive sport modes), the 335 just feels better. S4 shifting was seamless but I actually prefer the slight jerk between gears @ WOT with the 335i.

3. Msport > S4 exterior styling IMO

4. BMW offering much better MF and Residual rates for lease term.

Anyway will be picking up my 335 sometime this week hope this helps others make their decision which ever way they choose.