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Originally Posted by juicehound
Originally Posted by saxon View Post
after owning a 335i, and test driving a 13 s4 i know my next car will be the s4

i think the interior is nicer, i like the alcantara seats compared to the all leather

i think the standard s4 steering wheel is a lot nicer

the transmission feels smoother (manuals)
dct transmission feels great

mmi is great compared to e90 idrive (havent messed with current idrive)

fuel economy is better with the audi

bmw has a better "feel" when pushed but Im looking for a daily driver not a race car

bmw has better potential for power, but s4 is capable of 400whp no problem and thats more than enough
Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
lmao. you obviously havent test driven a f30 335.

if you had you would know the ZF8 sport is better than the audi dsg, shifts just as fast and is smoother.

The audi is a gas guzzler compared to the F30.

everything else is subjective, but why your comparing a 2013 S4 to your old E90 is beyond me
i know this is an old thread but it is very relevant to the comparison i'm doing right now b/t the 13-14 s4 and 13 335i x drive

justinnum1, your statement about the trans of both cars could not be more off - i drove both cars back to back TWICE and the DCT in the 2014 s4 is leagues above in performance to the bmw zf8 - its not even close - MUCH smoother and MUCH faster on both up/downshifts

there's no way you could have driven the audi to compare and if you actually did you must be so blindly biased towards bmw as to cloud your reality

comments like yours which are so far from truth have the potential to steer people like myself in the completely wrong direction - bottom line is that you have to take everyone's posts with a grain of salt and get out and drive the cars to see how right or (mostly wrong) they are.

i'm glad i did and now i know that the only trans worth even getting any kind of excited about is the s4's
justinuum definitely has never driven a dsg tranny in the S4 or like you said purely biased towards BMW. It is a better driving tranny than the zf as it shifts faster but more importantly I believe it transfers more of the power.
The huge drawback of the Dsg is that I know too many guys who have had to pay $5k to $11k for a used or new DSG transmission. It is almost guaranteed to fail. While I loved my DSG tranny for 6 years I decided to trade it in for the ZF transmission BMW before it failed. I would give up the little bit of performance for reliability and money in my pocket.