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Originally Posted by stom_m3
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Stom i see youre in sd. Which track do you plan to go to? Those tires look beefy and oversized guess because they are not mounted.

You guys all making me jealous of your setups! Motivation to increase the skillset!
Well, there's an event at Chuckwalla in March and one at Thunderhill in June. That's the only things I've scoped out so far. I was going to try and get in an autox prior though to see where the limits are and car attitudes.

As for the tires. I would say they do seem to run large. Definitely maxing out an 8" rim. They use everybit of their width too as they are a very square tire. The Hankooks would be a little happier on 8 1/2's now that I see them.
Bmw la cca autox on mar 3. California speedway. Try to make it. Im also going to buttonwillow on feb 22 but its a friday. Let me know.