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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I agree with you...why produce a high end car (like the M3) with shitty looking brakes.
But, I disagree in that I do not think the stock M3 brakes look shitty. They don't perform as I'd like them to on the track, but I personally do not think they look shitty.
I do think my previous 335i brakes did look shitty though...but I don't think a 335i is a high end car. Heck, even the M3 is borderline "high end" IMO.
I generally reserve that term for a Porsche C2S, Noble, R8, Aston Martin etc ($100k price point) ; but this is purely personal opinion.

I agree with you, hence why I specifically said: "who pays retail?"

My M3 also retailed for close to $90k when you factor in tax.... no way I'd pay that for a M3, that's a little steep.
The 335i isn't a high end car, but it's nicer than the Subaru STi which comes standard with Brembos. It's also nicer than the Hyundai Genesis and the Nissan 370Z which come standard or have the option.

I also don't quote retail. But glad we're on the same page =)