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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
lol what kind of world we're living in... people have killed people since man was created... death is nothing new... it seems like your categorizing the murder as injust... when all death (in an humanistic view) is injust... in some cultures, tradition is highly prized... i overheard a person from my highschool who said her sister was leaving college to go back to india to get married... i was thinking oh, okay... but thats the culture.

what are you trying to say? theres no message in your post... are you saying this is wrong? its like saying IS ABORTION WRONG? There arent any wrong answers OR right answers... this is one of those chicken-egg problems that never have a concrete solution...
Have we really descended to the depths of moral relativism where the murder of a child is condoned because "it is their culture"?

That idea is almost as disturbing as the video.

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