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Originally Posted by jsedlak View Post
Just saw something a little funny last night.

I was watching an older Top Gear and they had the older GT500 on the show. They mentioned it had 500 horsepower and could do 0-60 in 4.9s. I'll assume, based on wikipedia that it was the 2007-2009 model. A quick google search confirms the car will do ~4.5s, with a few claiming 4 seconds flat and some claiming 4.9s.

At the time I faintly remembered reading the 335i could do a 4.9s 0-60 time and had to confirm. Wow... I'm surprised to say the least. I guess that extra 200hp is pretty much wasted in the GT500, which is really sad.

It also reminded me of the silly AMG models that have a ton of horsepower, but can never seem to put it down. When Top Gear raced the C63 and the M3, the AMG had a lot of issues actually using its power and lost because of that.

Anyways... carry on.
Good point, when only comparing 0-60, too much HP can hurt if you can't put it down (not going anywhere if the wheels are spinning). Now if you grab that old GT500 and check out quarter mile times, trap speed, passing accel, etc, you have another world to talk about. I bet the new GT500 is fun though, think it's running 0-60 in 4 flat or less and keeps on pulling up to 200 mph apparently. But I guess that's what 660 hp will do for you.

The 335 sure is fun to drive though. While, some say they use the GT500 for every day driving, I'm sure the 335 is easier to live with and can have a bit of fun when the opportunity rises. I wouldnt mind being able to put my foot into a GT500 every now and then though...
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