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Originally Posted by ericruiz911 View Post
So my New Years resolution is to stop smoking. Ended up in the ER a couple nights ago from bronchio spasms and saw X-rays of what appeared to be my lungs. These 2 dark shadowy figures were hard to look at especially at my age. That was when the doc told me I either stop or that the ER would soon begin to look like a hotel. Not sure how I will do it seeing as every day habits are hard to overcome but maybe anyone who has stopped or will stop for their resolution can use this thread to their advantage just like we use others. Any helpful advice, any nervousness, anxiety, cold sweats or any symptoms one may feel during the process can post up here and hopefully someone can provide useful advice or ways to overcome. Don't start coming in here saying Its easy and smoking is nasty because that is just childish and untrue. Hopefully we can get some support from fellow members but if you are trying to quit, post your age, reason to quit and when you will quit (or if you have already started to quit, post your days gone without smoking). This is a thread to help others out, not bash. Hope this helps everyone and goodluck! Happy New Years
Hey good luck buddy, I am proud of you and all who trys, its a tuff road but def doable, when you have urges keep in mind the reason you stoped, good luck and Godbless....