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Originally Posted by Jvee90 View Post
Yeah. The rep is an awesome value no doubt. I just thought the info might help someone, who's contemplating either, to know the differences between the two. A few posts up, smv also called out some diffs in the leading edge smoothness and the broadness of the oem one too...but whatever I don't think you can lose with either! Just depends on what you want.

Not all of the reps are made the same way. My rep - not this one from Ebay - looks identical to the M-Performance version ('s just not carbon fiber).

Originally Posted by teaston View Post
It's just a lot of money for a very subtle difference imho.

But then you may well have the last laugh when in a year or two time, our reps start peeling and falling off!

Also has anyone noticed the new M3 lip is different? It looks actually smaller and more subtle to the M Performance one!

If it starts to peel and fall off, that's more of an issue with the tape you used rather than the spoiler itself.

P.S. The new M3 trunk spoiler - just like all OEM M3 trunk spoilers - is subtle. The E9X or E46 trunk spoiler is preferable, but differences in trunk shape made considering them an unviable option.

Originally Posted by Number View Post
I definitely appreciate your observations. I don't think I will get a spoiler, but I do like the look of the M-Pref one more than the rep.
You'd have a hard time differentiating between an OEM trunk spoiler and a good rep (..assuming the paint job was done well).