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The information about the pins is not entirely correct as listed. Per the instruction PDF in the OP, a wire must be run from Pin 2 of the center console switch to Pin 6 of the ICM harness. If you do not have PDC or cameras, you "should" not have a wire in Pin 2 of the center console already. For reference, Pin 2 is the spot next to the existing Purple w/ White stripe Wire in the connector.

When you order the kit, you receive a new blue connector(like the one already in the center console switch in the car now) that has 2 wires, one in Pin 1 and one in Pin 2. It is correct that Pin 1 would go to Pin 28 on the ICM, however, this is only if you are installing a switch with the Side/Top Camera Button. For just the Front/Rear PDC and/or Rear Camera, you only need to take the yellow/blue wire out of the new connector, install one end in Pin 2 on the center console side, and run the wire down to the ICM and connect it to Pin 6.

This worked for me in my retrofitting of the Front/Rear PDC and Rear Camera, if anyone has any other questions, please feel free to ask!