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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Yes, true, and thank God, who'd want to date a high-school girl when he's not of high-school age? High-school girls don't know much and it'd be a waste of time.

And my grandkids, if I had any, would know how to drive a manual transmission... I'd see to it.

Well, at least your hands are free so you can text on your phone while driving. See ya.
Manual transmissions are for children, you're grown up now, pops.

BMW's and Cadillac's are not "sport sedans". The word "sport" is just put there by savvy marketers trying to fool people like you into thinking you're driving a race car as you pull out of PetSmart hauling a 40 pound bag of kibble back to your mundane life in suburbia.

Now get off the Windows 95 computer, put on your Member's Only jacket, grab that Rush cassette, and drive your son to soccer practice in your Cadillac you badass, you.