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Okay make sense! I am just worried if it breaks outside my warranty period, like its 10 months from now
Look at it this way, you have paperwork stating it has cylinder scoring. Even if that is an overstatement, any issues that could develop comes back to that inspection, even your simple multi-shot picture adds to that evidence.

I can't see BMW giving you a letter of comfort, but any independent engineer, (if there is reluctance of BMW to take full responsibility), will immediately link back to this issue.

I bought my current 535i as an ex BMW management car, at just over a year old with 6k miles. There was an issue picked up by the tech' moving the car, valvetronic motor wasn't calibrating correctly. During the replacement he noticed a couple of rust marks on the camshaft. Sent pictures to BMW, they authorised a new camshaft.

I questioned the future reliability of the engine, opened up to replace a camshaft at such low mileage, outside the factory. I was invited to see the engine apart, discuss it with the Master Tech. Garage contacted BMW to see what they'd do to assure me for the future. BMW UK sweetened the deal with a 5-year service pack. (We don't get that free over here in the UK). Assured me the warranty was cast iron and the fact it was worked on, was on record. If anything did develop as a result of the remedial work, it would be acknowledged in any future assessment.
hey so the issue is back here car stalling again..
My Indy mechanic checked and the A/F ratio was running too rich and the car tried to balanced it but ended up dying instead. Will bring it back to the dealership. goodthing warranty is still up might get a huge replacement this time since its my 3rd time and I contacted BMW CA and they gonna look at it
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