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Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
Very interesting, my case was similar to yours. M Sport 335i x drive, 19 inch performance summer tires. I am in the midst of celebrating crossing the 1200 mile mark ( I wanted to cross it in style) and at about 1180 miles, low tire pressure warning pops up. I stop after about 5 miles and sure enough my right front tire was gone. My tires were filled with nitrogen and I could smell the air coming out (not the nitrogen, haha). I call the dealer who is about 20 miles away and drive there to get this checked out. Thanks to run flats the car got there safely at about 35-45mph. I am a fan of run flats from now on. I have tire insurance and the tire was replaced for $450, my insurance covered that. The tire per tire rack costs 325, the dealer was charging 380 for it. The rear tires would be more costly since there are wider.

What I find interesting is both our cars had this random tire issue at almost the same mileage. This happened to me about 2 weeks ago. Hmmm

On a different note our roads in the NE suck, I am sure this is not the last time these 19 inch tires are going to give in. Wish I was in Europe
I'm on 19" 401s and I got a screw stuck in my rear tire. I noticed it, but drove on it normally for about a week since I didn't have time to take care of it. Finally the low tire pressure monitor showed up. So I took it in the next day. I had no problem going on the fwy to get to the dealer. I also have the tire/wheel insurance and it felt nice to not have to pay for anything (of course it's paid for in advance). And I got a fully loaded E90 335i M-sport as a loaner. The bad news is that I the service dept scratch my wheel when they mounted the tire. However, I didn't notice this until after I got home.