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In my experience run-flats have moved on from the early days. Hated the Bridgestone RFTs on my E91 wagon, so removed them for conventional tires. Was highly critical of RFTs and told BMW and Bridgestone in no uncertain terms.

My first drive in a BMW on standard suspension, with totally acceptable RFTs in my driving conditions was the F30 model.

I'd tried the F10/11, where I thought the tires were better, but not perfect on passive suspension. But trying Adaptive Drive seemed to mask that last bit of tire issue. With no spare and all the hassle I'd had with the E91, this time around I was wanting to stick with RFTs, if at all possible, so careful specification was important.

I've been running my F11 wagon on 18" summer RFTs (Continental Sport Contact 3) and 17" winter RFTs, (Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D). I'm pleased with their performance and ride quality. No issues with RFTs this time, even in cooler temperatures and on broken road surfaces. Bought tire insurance to limit tire failure costs.

I'm not saying the present F30 or F10/11 would not be slightly better with non run-flats, but understand that the differences are now small, compared to the major change we got in the early days of RFTs.