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Originally Posted by dtla1 View Post
Does anybody have the full question that redbull asked the FIA to clarify?

By reading the response I think Ferrari might have been able to tune the fuel flow to increase in the interval that's not being tested and then decrease it when it is being tested. Not necessarily capture the tested fuel and use it later (I wouldn't assume modern fuel flow meters actually remove a sample from the supply for testing and then discard anyways, it can be tested in line as it passes to the injectors) but just increase the fuel flow on a wave function of some sort. This is why the Redbull question would include the term "signal filtering".
I don't think the exact words of the query were published as they usually aren't. But FIA's response is on Motorsports' website. Queries most of the time don't mention the team in question (Ferrari in this case) unless there is strong evidence. Sport Pesa has a lot of evidence against Renault so they mentioned them and protested against their braking system. If they didn't, they would've done what Paul Monaghan did with Ferrari's fuel system and only submitted a query to clarify the rules around FFM signal filtering. This way he's basically telling Ferrari that we think you're cheating and we think you're cheating this way and here are the rules you're breaking.