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Originally Posted by Ouzzo View Post
Hell Rusty really brave of you to do the Tune that early man. How do you like the difference in performance if you still remember what the stock car was like lol

Mine is luxury line , not sure if it shifts faster but when I put it in sport plus it kinds of feels it shifts in more aggressive manner.

Not sure what disclaimer you mean , I did most of the things you mentioned but couldn't get the turning fog lights to work.

What I did more is add BMW live and Internet , door LEDs work with reverse auto start stop remember last position mperformance logo in cluster mirror folding faster in comfort access sport display now in horse power , five blinks using indicator instead of three

Working on getting BMW apps to work with iPhone but this is costing some money
I stalled with M3 bumper, actually first time I tested sport was with the ECU lol and now my car is 22 k kilometers it's used for the tune but i'm limited to the boost due to low quality fuel

tell me how did you work the bmw live, internet and folding faster in comfort access... what year is your car and yea some things they we can't do with coding

send me your number we need a chat
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