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I had the same issue before recently. Flash it back to stage 1 and leave the burbles up to the tune without modifying them leaving it to "OTS" in your settings. Also the car has to be warmed up, and have some boost built to get burbles in my experience.
Hey thank you for the reply, I gave that a try today, and also tried 93 octane, did not seem to work either. I'm wondering if it could be my muffler, i have a magnaflo performance muffler. But its a performance muffler that rests on the larger side. But i'm not sure if this is possible because you should be able to hear burbles with a stock muffler if you have a burble tune and downpipe.
I dont know if a 328i is even remotely the same as far as burbles go, but mine is not tuned and would burble in sport mode with the stock muffler. I got a muffler delete today and it pops like no other. My point is that I dont think its your muffler. I wonder if your car is sulev? Maybe that makes a difference?
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