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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
Are you angry because GM made a car that reviewers are saying has matched the 3 series on some characteristics?

It's clear BMW has changed the focus of the 3 series to attract buyers from other brands. Therefore, it's no surprise that the gap is closing....they can blame themselves for that.
No, not angry at all. I pay no attention to off-brands like Cadillac, so if they sell some cars good for them, doesn't affect me at all. I get annoyed at the endless comparisons cluttering up the board because it's a waste of time, but it's not the end of the world.

BMW has not changed its focus to attract buyers from other brands; they responded to the needs of their existing customer base by making a car that is bigger for our growing families, more luxurious for our growing salaries, and softer for our growing maturity. Eventually, you turn 40, high school girls don't look at you any more, local streets stop being drag strips, and you grow up as you shuttle your kids to baseball practice.

BMW has built a car that millions of customers will find engaging. Cadillac has built a car for no one. Too small for it's 60 year old consumer base, too expensive for Chevy owners to step-up to, too silly a brand to be taken seriously.

The F30 will be the best selling car in BMW's history. They've definitely only have themselves to "blame" if you want to call it that.