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Originally Posted by svache View Post
I have no idea how they are yet, we haven't installed them yet. Maybe tonight we will, I'll let you know here when we did =)

lol.. nah, I don't need Google Translate, ik ben Nederlander haha.. Ik woon sinds 2008 in Hawaii omdat mijn vrouw hier vandaan komt. Zoals je weet is het in Nederland niet gemakkelijk qua immigratiebeleid dus besloten we hier te gaan wonen (plus 't was wat fijner ivm het mooie weer hier in Hawaii hehe).

And yeah, I still frequently visit the Netherlands but, unfortunately, due to circumstances the first planned trip is not until around Queensday 2013 (I'm still hoping for xmas/nye but I don't think my wife's boss will let her go around those days) .. if you're still in need of coding by then, just let me know and I'll bring my cable and everything so we can hook up =)

(btw, for the English speaking among us who really want to know what I said there in Dutch (since it's a forum in the English language): in short I told him I moved to HI since 2008 since my wife is from here )
That explains! Either way, there are more terrible places than Hawaii to spend your life

Give me a sign when you're down in
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