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Originally Posted by GuhBookGi View Post
Wow. There's much less of a reason to get the premium package.
Auto-dim mirrors, power seats, garage door openers are all standard; not to mention the xenon de-coupling.
If it was me, I would certainly pass on the premium package and spend the money elsewhere

The Anthracite Wood trim would look nice in the sport line also...but that's extra.

All-in-all, I think BMW did a great job with balancing the new offerings without making the MY12 3ers regret anything I'm absolutely happy with my MY12 and I don't feel taken advantage off or anything. (well, maybe the split-folding seats would've been nice)
I was excited about de-coupling Xenons from the premium package, because the ability to have xenon headlights was the ONLY reason I was considering the premium package...but now it appears that satellite radio isn't an a la carte option anymore, and is only available with the premium package...Sirius is a "must have" for me. Bummer.

EDIT: So, I notice under standard options it lists "693 Satellite radio preparation" so that means the dealer could easily just do the necessary software changes to allow me to use Sirius? (I could care less about the year free subscription, I have been paying annually since 2005)

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