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Originally Posted by Dukenole View Post
Why are oil changes and batteries irrelevant? I don't have the bill on me but they had to replace the thermostat, a couple of gaskets, and some other stuff I can't remember. Again, if you have a good indy shop that you trust, more power to you but the point remains, M&R on bimmers is very expensive-- insurance is higher too obviously. Just helping some new buyers make a fully informed decision.

If you want new buyers to be fully informed, then be sure to add the fact that maintenance is covered for the first 4 years if you buy new. Also, you can get extended warranties to take you to 7 years for $1,200 to $2,000 that take care of the major stuff but not general maintenance. After 7 years, it becomes more tricky. That's the space you are in driving a 9 year old car. Now, you are complaining about spending $3,200 on a 9 year old car and I get you when you say that it is a lot. But, spending $3,200 every few years is a lot less then being tied up in perpetual lease payments. Your cost per mile is still way ahead. And furthermore, you could reduce your expenses by going to an independent. You live in Chapel Hill. Its not like you don't have choices. There are many choices within a 30 mile radius and some right there in Chapel Hill you could try. We are not talking about engine replacement here.