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Originally Posted by tojo_m View Post
Where did you read this requirement?Are you sure you did not read about the PPK for the e90 BMW ? That one had the requirement, but as far as I know there is no such requirement for the F30 PPK.
You may be correct, the info i found on a tuner web page may have been referring to the e9x.

Originally Posted by Wajhik View Post
The increased top speed limiter comes with the M-sport line. In the past the PPK's have came with oil coolers to be added on, not sure if that was the case with the E9x's or not.

Its 1370 MSRP, right now through Dec 31 the dealers are getting %10 off, so knock off another 137 bucks. I dont know how you guys negotiate your deals but we dont sell parts at invoice to customers, nor our cars but it might be different in bigger metro areas. Dealer cost is right at $1000.

There is no part number for the f30 yet, right now its only available as a port installed acc. It just became available so I am sure a part # will be avilable soon. You can figure out the labor if your trying to add this on after the fact, itl probably be in the 1500 range installed (MSRP).
So is there a second oil cooler for the f30 if you get the PPK? And is the 2nd oil cooler located on the driver side wheel? There is one already there on my pasoša ger side but i see nothing on the driver side.
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