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Originally Posted by EB_F30 View Post
For those in Europe, how did you set up your BMW assist? I guess it's different for a Euro Spec car to a US Spec car. I will have my car this week and it is a US Spec car but I'm stationed in Italy. I'm being told the Remote APP wont work on my car since it's US Spec and I'm not in the states...but I want to clarify this.

Anyone have any input on this? I did a search but found nothing.
US spec cars delivered in the EU don't have working BMW Assist or Sirius or HD Radio. Some countries that allow FM stations on even frequencies (like 92.2) sound crappy as the radio in the car is also set to US spec, where we have only odd-numbered FM frequencies.

For ED cars, BMW loads EU maps, then reloads North American maps when the car is redelivered. If you have HUD and speed-limit info, those will both work and you can simply set the units to kilometers in iDrive.

It's a little bit of a pain, but since it is effectively impossible to get a non-US spec car imported into the US, it's worth the inconvenience.
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