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Well, I pulled the trigger and ordered the AH3. I test drove one that was a Luxury Line this morning. Obviously it didn't have the Dynamic Handling Package, so it wasn't quite as sporty as I wanted, but I'm ordering DHP for my car.

The car felt good, very "solid". I don't know if it was my imagination feeling the batteries in the trunk, or not. Yes, it felt like you had a little bit of something in the trunk. But it didn't feel heavy, so much as it did solid. Maybe the low center of gravity of the batteries?

The implementation of the A.S.S. was pretty incredible. No shudder effect like you get with the N20, and much smoother than even with the N55. When you have it in Comfort mode, it typically turns off the engine just when you're coasting and applying the brakes. The start-up is imperceptible. You would not know it, except for the lack of noise. The intake and exhaust noise from the N55 was less than with the standard 335i. I can't really say how much, because I didn't drive them back to back. But the car was rather quiet. Probably about as quiet as a 535i.

I like the torque! You really don't have to be concerned with what gear you're in. This thing launches you, at any speed. The torque was definitely more apparent than what I had in my '12 M3

The new Nav was great as well. I didn't play with it extensively, but the updated graphics seemed sharper than the current Nav.

So, being that I was already "set" on a standard 335i, I used the $3500 Eco Credit, plus some more aggressive negotiating to get the AH3 down to ~1$K more than the regular 335i M-sport that I was ready to order. Interesting tidbit: there are a few options that are free on a AH3. The heated steering wheel (even with M-sport) is N/C. Also, Lane Departure Warning/Forward Collision Warning (5AD) and Speed Limit Info (8TH) are both N/C options. You have to order these separately, not part of Driver Assistance Plus package. The $0 charge for these shows up both on Build Your Own BMW site, as well as on my Vehicle Inquiry Report. That's a $700 savings.

My final build came to:
ActiveHybrid 3
Black Sapphire Metallic
ZMM M-sport
ZDH Driver Assistance Package
ZPP Premium Package
ZTP Technology Package
2TB Sport Auto
417/415 Sunshades
494 Heated Front Seats
5AC Auto High Beams
5AD Lane Departure
8TH Speed Limit Info
688 Harmon Kardon
400M 18" wheels
$64,845 MSRP

After Eco Credit/Loyalty/Holiday/USAA/negotiation, my MSRP was $55,095.

I'm production week 46, but I suppose it could start building today. I'll be doing PCD in January, I wonder if they'll even have an AH3 for me to race around the track with?