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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
Just did this in about 7 mins taking my time. No need to take the bumper off or use any tools for that matter.

I just looked at the new grills to understand where the tabs where and started on the edge and top and put my hand between the slots and pushed down on the tabs while pulling on the grill. Don't be afraid to use a bit of force. I got around the top tabs starting from the outside and gave it a good tug and the whole top pulled out and left only the bottom. Those were slightly harder but once you got one loose the others were easy. The middle seemed the be the last one standing. Once you have the top loose you can see the bottom tabs and it makes it a bit easier.

Leave the grill out and work on the other one and that one takes about 1 min to pop out. To put back in takes about 30 seconds for both.

Super easy mod, no need to take the bumper off or have any tools. (the grill slots flex a bit so you can get your hand in there without worry - at least I was able to). I thought I may break something at first when I tugged so hard but nothing was remotely damaged and the old grills look in perfect condition.
There have been a few people who have done it exactly as you have and it is completely possible for those with smaller hands, unfortunately for people such as myself I would have snapped a slat had I gone that route. If you can do it without the tools thats great, this is just a write up on how the dealer does it.
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