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Originally Posted by MineralF30 View Post
Basically, the pump in the tank is the LPFP (low pressure fuel pump) and the one in the engine bay is the HPFP.

I had similar codes relating to fuel pressure for months and it ended up being my Walbro 450 LPFP. I did replace my HPFP before that and it didn't fix it, so I'd say replace the pump in the tank first and see if that fixes it.
Thanks mate! I have a JB4 and logged it. I'm not seeing anything on my LPFP... so I am assuming that is the issue... I'm comparing data with what I've logged in the past and I don't see any values in the LPFP section, it's "0"... wish that JB4 would explain the definitions and number logs a bit more clear.

Thanks again!
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