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Originally Posted by MineralF30 View Post
Yeah I would start with replacing the LPFP. Usually when you're getting a cold start code it is because the lpfp isn't sending enough fuel up to the engine or something in that nature.
Thanks, I just want to narrow it down as scientifically as possible. I've narrowed it down that for N55's, the JB4 won't read the low fuel pump pressure. But I am able to read the high fuel pump pressure. Which it indeed did look good, until it goes into limp mode. So I am narrowing it down that it's not getting enough fuel deliver from the low fuel pump pressure.

On the flip side, that's better than replacing the high fuel pump because it looks to be a pain in the ass to do. On the other hand, I'm going to have to find something to unscrew that lock that covers the low pressure pump, since it uses this fancy tool. Maybe I can make something from home to undo the cover.
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