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Originally Posted by T_H_O_M_A_S View Post
JB4 will always show zero for the FPL because
your car's model doesnt have a LPF sensor . It can only read the high pressure value from the sensor at the end of your fuel rail .
if im correct , only early n55's with the older style N54hpfp do have a LPF sensor
but that wont solve your problem .

get a decent mechanic to look at it before replacing parts your not sure about .
Thanks, I ran logs and I believe it's the LPF. I basically just ordered the newest replacement model for it. It doesn't appear to be any electrical/electronic cabling issues. At the time being, I just ordered two-step colder plugs too. Might as well.. my car is at 75k and I haven't even changed it yet since I bought it from 30k lol. So it's about that time. But yes you're right, I can't see my LPF, but I can see the HPF. It idles at 7-8 and when the drivetrain malfunction comes on it sets at 2. I'm thinking it doesn't receive enough low pressure fuel. I haven't gotten any hard codes for HPF symptoms yet.
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