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F30 coolant smell

I recently started to notice the smell of coolant in the cabin of my 2013 320i.
I've looked and looked under the car and inside the engine compartment but can't find any sign of a coolant leak. I inspected the hoses and smaller lines... no breaks or tears on the rubber lines or plastic pieces. No sign of fluid under the dash where the heater core is supposed to be. When it happens I can smell it in the engine compartment too. I replaced the reservoir cap but no real change. The reservoir tank appears to be intact with no cracks. Pinhead leak in one of the rads where it only sprays steam but not big enough to leak fluid ?

I'd like to repair whatever it is myself but I can't fix what I can't see. I suppose a pressure test may be in order. In the meantime are there any common points of failure in this regard for these cars ?

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