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Originally Posted by Maximus_GC View Post
That looks great! I would like to add the JL W6 but im unsure what else I would need to make it work. I assume I would need an amp as well. Any recommendations? I would like to run my stock speakers for now with the sub but later on down the road, I would replace them. What would be the easiest solution to run a W6 with your sub enclosure? Thanks.
Youll need an amp, an LOC (line out converter) and ideally a harness. There is a forum member who sells custom harnesses for our cars that plug directly into the HK amp and add a set of pigtails. Very clean install with no cutting. There are some junk LOC's out there that will get the job done, but people have complained about them burning up. I personally like the Audio Control devices. I use an LC6i, but that's because I already had one laying around. I believe AC now makes an LC2 (2 channel instead of 6) which is all you'll need.

As far as amps go, Something with a small footprint is ideal. I've used an Alpine PDX 1.600, which is a digital amp that doesn't produce much heat. Pretty solid piece too. I'm currently using a old school Nakamichi piece, but that's just because I'm a sucker for OG Nak equipment.

That was a long answer... Amp, Harness, LOC.