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Do you have pictures? Do you think it matters that I have a 328i f30?
They will fit but will depend on what type of sound you have in the F30, Do you have HK sound or the HIFI or Stereo? There is a thread on getting the stock subs out of the stereo boxes that requires a hairdryer or heat gun etc. check out the electronics section of the forum.
I have the hifi sound system. Will these work with the hifi or are they for the HK? What's the part # of these subs? If you don't mind. I just want to look up the specs first.
Model # is SWS-8xi so they are a 2ohm version that can be wired as 2ohn or in parallel as 4ohm based on your aftermarket amp. A link to a good DIY below and yes they will work with your car.

You will need a harness from technicpnp and a subwoofer amp to power them.