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I basically got the car at invoice, and had to deal with this SA because the one I was supposed to work with had people in from out of town. Also the deal was mainly with the Sales Manager and this guy was supposed to be the liason. Honestly I may like the red accent more, it was just hard to wrap my head around at first. But the way the guy acted is unacceptable, but no way I am not gonna drive my car because the guy was a pain. I have waited too damn long and it is my post bar exam gift. If I don't like the accent I will make them order the piece and install it when it comes in.

But good to hear the SA should not get a pass. I kind of feel like chain of command will work. Sales Manager respects my father a lot and likes me. I think it can be dealt with at that level, unless you guys really think going straight to BMW NA is the way to go?