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This is another reason why everyone should demand a copy of their Vehicle Inquiry Report, which specifically lists every option and specification ordered. The trim was a bit tricky to order in MY2012, I am not sure if it has changed for MY2013. I know that I also specified brushed aluminum trim with black highlight when my dealer entered the order. However, the system must default to the red highlight trim as this showed up on my VIR. Luckily, my dealer sent me the VIR after every change and I noticed the error and he corrected it. Without me looking carefully, I don't think anyone would have ever noticed.

As for me, my suggestion would be to really make sure that this is the car that you want. If you like the red trim, then great. However, if it isn't the car that you ordered, I would definitely make them fix it at no cost to you. If they don't want to fix it, I wouldn't take delivery of the car.

Good luck on the bar exam next week. It sounds like you are well prepared, I am sure you will do great. Also, remember that you are going to be a licensed attorney in a few months, so do not be afraid to use that to your advantage in any negotiations.