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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
Really? Man, BMW must be run by squirrels or something. Or maybe starfish Can you honestly quantify that? They keep sending models to north America which don't sell? Really? Really really?
I don't think anybody wanted the 5-Series GT...and I don't think anybody really wants this model as well given the 5-Series GT success in NA (and when I say this, I don't mean 0 sales...come on man).
Unless someone shows me numbers...

Again like I said, why is BMW doing this? It's all about profit. Cool. But instead of having this car available to North America which probably has a low take rate anyway, why not release a model like various diesels, which would have a MUCH higher take rate (that's not even questionable) and make even more money? You can't tell me that there are more people in NA which would rather have a 5-Series GT than a 5-Series wagon, a model we don't get here?. If there is proof that there is, well f--k me. The point is, if this is all about money and pleasing shareholders, there are so many models in the past and present that BMW could've gave the North American market which would do that...these "GT" cars are not it. Like you said, this is a worldwide industry, it's not about one individual or region so where are the cars we're missing out on?

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