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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
The problem with this cluster is that, for some markets, it cannot be specced with HUD. If the push comes to the shove HUD takes priority over this.
Plus, I cannot imagine what'll happen if sth goes wrong suddenly & the whole panel goes black (excuse the pun). For me 6WA looks more classic & stylish than this.
If the whole panel suddenly goes black you'll drive your car the same way you always do, using logic and common sense.

I had a Taurus with no functioning speedometer or tach, a Corvette with no functioning fuel gauge, never spun out of control because of it.

A gauge cluster is a useful but not essential piece of a car.

Also, I wouldn't expect this to trickle into the 3 until the next generation. Large custom high res automotive displays are not cheap. Theres quite a bit of cost delta between that 7 and your 328. The 3 series will get it the same time it gets a $50k starting price.
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