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A Stage1 tune is by definition used with stock hardware. Use stock plugs at stock gap. The BMW engineers choose them to run perfectly. No so called plug upgrade can make your engine run better, but with a plug model/gap change your engine running worse is a big possibility.

The only reason to go to a colder plug with a shorter gap is if you are running very high boost pressures from a Stage2 or higher tune. With so much extra fuel/air density inside the engine cylinder, the spark can have difficulty jumping the longer stock gap.

Here's a link to stock plugs that come gapped to stock gap right out of the box.
Thank you for the response. Do you think that I can still run the NGK SILZKBR8D8S (97506) gapped to BMW's recommendations?

This is what Pro Tuning Freaks said:
The link won't open but I'm assuming that is the posting where they say that they recommend NGK 97506 gapped to 0.022" for tuned cars.
They neglected to say for Stage2 and above tuned cars. Because Stage1 by default means everything is stock.

You may get away with the 97506 that you bought but at $9 per plug I'd just put in stock Bosch plugs and save or sell the others. The 97506 can't improve on the stock plugs on a Stage1 tune, and they might make the engine run less than ideal
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