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Originally Posted by volsfan0911 View Post
They're back in the "one sausage, three lengths" design mode. At least for US market cars available right now, I'd say Audi is the design lead dog. Most people consider the A5/S5 one of the best looking cars around (me included) and the new A7 is really striking - have seen a couple in person. But I don't think the F30 is unattractive and am anxiously looking forward to driving one.
LoL really. I remember a while back in the A6/F10 comparison people whining about Audi models looking like Russian Dolls, guess we are no longer different from them. Didnt expect the new 3 to look soooo similar, specially from the back.

Also have seen an A7 and I think its an ugly copy of the 5 GT... A5 is sexxxxx