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Originally Posted by wynden
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Hi guys,

I've ordered my first bmw, 328i, in mid May from Town&Country BMW without doing as much research as I should have, however it is not too late to "correct" my decision. Hopefully some answers would help me decide what to do next. Sorry if some of this question was asked before.

Primary concern - No Paddleshifters/Sport Auto: I'm kinda pissed when i realized that sport line 328i did not come with these. The dealer said I would be able to manually downshift/upshift with the gearshift, but I wonder if I would be missing out on quicker shift times because of this? Also from what I remember reading in the forum, the manual mode would automatically upshift when it redlines (which i assume would defeat the fun in downshifting when going fast?), is this true? Most reviews of the 328i had sport auto

I'm truly debating if I should just make the jump into 335i because honestly, I ordered the 328i because I thought that it would make a great DD plus a bit of a punch when I want to feel a bit of exhilaration. With that being said, without the paddleshifters I feel like I'd be missing a part of the experience I intended to get out of bmw.

Any thoughts would be nice, thank you.
Just under two weeks ago I ordered a 328i Sport Line (from Endras in Ajax) and got it spec'd with the sport auto w/ paddles as a special order option ($200 + $400 special order charge = $600). Like you, I wanted the paddles / sport auto, given that almost all reviews seem based on the sport auto and that I'm coming from a 5MT and wanted the paddles. I decided the 328i offered a solid engine and didn't want to go the 335i route given the +$5,000 for comparably optioned models.
Just confirmed......328i xDrive sport paddle shifters.......

Wynden......Thanks for the tip .....managed to catch my car before it was put into production ( tomorrow!!!!!!) to add the 2TB special order option for the paddle shifters and transmission! Much appreciated!!!