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Originally Posted by YuminNuman View Post
I got the yellow kit a few weeks ago. To be honest I'm not too thrilled on the color, there's a bit of a weird green in it. It's like that Austin yellow the f80 comes in.

I'm about ready to install them. I decided to go with ebc redstuff pads over the ones that came in the kit. If anyone wants a new set of the pads, for sale, msg me. I don't think I need these dust shields either.

I also got the stoptech lines. I'm just going to stick with the pentosyn dot 4 lv. Do I really need the computer to bleed, can't I just tap the calipers and the abs pump thing with a rubber mallet? I feel like that's in the same category as using a torque wrench for everything.

There were a few posts about the rear caliper bolts being difficult to get at. Any issues back there, I would think an impact can fit?
My understanding is that if you use a pressure bleeder like in the attached photo, and you don't let the fluid level go down, then you won't have bubbles get into the ABS system. That's what causes the need to have an analyzer to make the system vibrate itself to release those bubbles. Process for doing that is in the Bentley manual and probably in newtis website.

Brakes and tires directly effect safety for me, my family and everyone on the road around me. I never ever take shortcuts or skimp on brakes or tires. It's just not worth the risk.

Hope this helps!
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