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Originally Posted by Deyvy
I use the gloves.

Wasnt bothered with the smell, but more the dirt and for hygiene reasons.

I'm not OCD with washing and stuff, but they supply them so why not use them.

Lovely car btw.

Comon guys, guy's just got a new car and some are slating it .

Brave choice for the red, I contemplated it, but didnt go thru with it in the end.

Week 52!
No one has slated it, it's a fantastic car. It's all engine choice, the 328 is great the 330 is great, I'm going from a high revving 325 to a 330d for a change and the fact that I do all mway miles, never been a fan of diesels having had a q7, rrs and now evoque as the family motor but gonna give it another go.Think if I wasn't doing the miles and wanted mpg and auto then the 328 in manual would be the ideal choice.

Have fun op in your new motor, I'm jealous as I have to wait until march as funds are low at the moment.
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