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Just got back from the dealer. I was there for 2 hours and they finally come tell me there is nothing they can do. They documented it and have an open ticket. They acknowledge the problem when I was there.

I proceed to call BMW on the way home. I told them of the issue and that I didn't think I should have to deal with it on a brand new 40k car. The lady I spoke with called the dealership and was told by them it just happens for an instant and goes away. I WAS MAD! They asked me to wait a bit to see if BMW issues a fix for it.

How long have you all waited to get your cars replaced.

Just spoke with BMW USA again. Just told me they've acknowledged the problem, and are going to do nothing about it. They already had the case reviewed by engineers and there is no fix. "Unfortunately we are not going to take you out of this vehicle, you'll be notified when there is a fix".

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