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Originally Posted by RxCritical View Post
Before they trade assisted mine it was to the point of me feeling it with my hands. It was getting slowly but progressively worse.
That is interesting, as that looks as if it is a wheel issue.

Has anyone actually defined whether this issue 100% excludes wheels, by changing to some different rims and non run-flat tires?

I've been reading this thread as it develops and still not sure what the definition of this vibration is. Has it anything to to do with road/pavement surfaces? Does it come and go? Does it shake without hands on the wheel? Does it do it on load, off load, in neutral, engine revving, idling at the speeds it happens, etc.?

I drive an E91 with hydraulic steering and if I want to be really picky I can sense vibrations through the steering wheel, due to surface and road speed. Not a wheel balance issue, but simply a part of the road feel spectrum. This 'vibration' (if I call it that) was greatly improved when I dumped the run-flat tires.

The more I look for it, the more I notice it, (like folks see the dash reflection in the front screen, it is there for all of us, but some of us just don't see it). If I just drive, mind detached from "is it vibrating?" and it is what most cars with a bit of feedback, transfer through the steering wheel.

I'm not saying this is the case with the F30, but as no one seems to be getting a solution, I'm still trying to fully grasp the problem.