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Originally Posted by Scudder View Post

I have had my car for about 1500 miles now. For me, it only happens at mid level speeds and only on certain roads (or at least is significantly more pronounced on certain roads). I would say it is a problem happens on roughly 30% of roads. I live in Detroit suburbs but recently drove through OH, too, and it happened in both areas.

There is what I consider "normal" vibration/feedback which you have to really focus to see and can probably find on any sporty car depending on the road. Not a problem for me. The "problem" vibration/shaking is VERY obvious when it happens. If you experienced it you would have no doubt. These are not people nit-picking. This is a serious issue. Anyone who looked at the wheel while it is happening would ask why it was shaking. You can feel it immediately on driving and see it very plainly whether anyone is touching the wheel or not. I would call it a fast shaking more so than a "vibration"

I can reproduce it very clearly on certain roads every single time I drive on them. If I drive over these same roads in other cars, they experience no problems whatsoever. If I drove over these same roads at higher or lower speeds in the 328i than when the shaking occurs, there is no problem.

I have been driving for 25 years and never experienced anything like it. The closest thing I can compare it to is driving on extremely bald tires (but worse). I am guessing some roads are designed (or worn down) in a certain way that the 328i was just not built to accommodate or was not tested to work with them. Clearly, to me, it is an engineering problem since it happens only at certain (mid level) speeds, and can be clearly reproduced.

I just have too much stress in my life so I've learned to live with it for now. I'm just not interested in fighting the dealer/bmw about it. But it does make me somewhat regret buying the car. I hope someone else continues the fight and that somehow we get a fix.
This is a great explaination of what this condition is as I experianced it when I had my 328.

I can only repeat what others have said about it:
This is NOT normal.
ANY premium brand car should not do this.
And BMW appears to not be taking it very seriously. They appear to only be appeasing customers on a "as needed" basis. You got to be squeaky to get the grease.
My 535 does NOT do this! Heck my daughters Hyundai Sonata does not do this.

I wish others with this problem get it resolved satisfactorily very soon. I was not going to wait the 9-12 months they told me it would take.