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Originally Posted by jrobe121 View Post
I believe there is an balance issue as well. I went through hell today with my dealership and BMW. I was basically told to deal with it and they'll let me know when BMW tells them how to fix it. I drove 4 328i's today. 3 base models, like mine with the 17 inch wheels and they all had issues. I drove one modern line with the bigger wheels, no issues. I asked for a loaner till they fixed the problem. I asked them to try different wheels and tires on the car. I asked them to try to fix the problem and not have the customer do the ground working trying to figure it out for them. LORD was I angry.

Alas Every manager there talked to me it seems, told me the same thing. "Sorry but we are not going to help you." Makes me regret spending $40k on my first new car, and first BMW ever.

I also asked if they were going to notify every new 3 series customer of the issue, they all looked like a cat caught their tongue. I'm filing complaints with everyone right now.
Sorry to hear that.
I firmly believe that BMW is leaving it up to the dealer to keep customers happy or not.
Check to see your options under lemon law. I know SC has one because I used it before on a Nissan when I was stationed in Charleston.
I know that my dealer became much more reasonable when I mentioned that my car met the requirements to begin lemon law proceedings.
Good Luck!