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Originally Posted by dos1973 View Post
Hi Guys,

I'm writing from Germany, so sorry for the bad english.
1st of all, yo're doing a great job with this thread ;-)

I have an F30 only with xenon lights without any light assist systems.
Therefore my lights power switch contains only ON/OFF and Parklights, no "A" Automatic Mode.

I get the welcome lighs only when my lights Powerswitch is set to ON.
Is there a code to get the welcome lights no matter the switch is to ON/OFF?

Speedometer lightning:
Is there also code for the Cockpit Speedometer light (Instrumentebeleuchtung), should be always ON no matter if the Lights switch is set to ON or OFF?

would be grateful, to get some codes to achieve this,
Thank you all in advance

bye from Frankfurt

as waiting to complete the download an waiting for the cable... any hints for my previos post