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So I ran in to a guy that is running full E85 on a custom tune on the bootmod3 platform and its on a stock fueling system. He's been running it for several months and no issues. Also I got word from an other tuner days before saying that the n20/n26 can run full e85 with out running in to any issues on. Anyone else on here running full e85?

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Also ask Hunter he's running meth and e85 as well full e85 i think not entirely sure. On the Facebook page n20/26 or bm3 page one to lol
I'm tuned By HCP for e40. but 500$ is the cost carry wants and that's like the full cost of a liscence I'm not paying that price for a tune just to get around 300whp. Halim has me around 320whp on stock turbos with e40. With meth I'm around 340.
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